I'm not leaving, but...

For reasons stated on my new blog at woelfisch.de, this journal is now friends only. All old articles have been migrated to the new site, the old friends only postings from LJ are friends only over there as well — if you are on my friends list, just connect with your LiveJournal account to read these and future restricted articles. If you aren't on the list yet, friend me here on LJ or create an account at woelfisch.de so I can give you access.

I've been blogging for more than ten years on LiveJournal, which is close to "forever" in Internet time, as long as there is still some interesting activity here I won't abandon the ship completely.

For the time being, I'll copy new blog posts from woelfisch.de to this journal, marked as "friends-only", of course.

Of course I'll continue reading my LJ friends list as long as there is something to read.